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Following up from my previous post on Python and static typing, I'm proud to announce PySmell v0.1!

UPDATE2: PySmell v0.5 released

UPDATE: PySmell v0.2 released, get it here

PySmell is a python IDE completion helper, that covers 80% of the cases, leaving the rest to superior human brains.

It tries to statically analyze Python source code, without executing it, and generates information about a project's structure that IDE tools can use. There is currently support for Vim's omnicompletion, but porting to other editors which provide similar mechanisms should be straightforward.

In its current state it doesn't do any type inferencing, but it's surprisingly useful even without that. I plan to add simple type inferencing in the coming versions.

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In an unprecedented move for this blog, I present you with a recipe that combines raw ingredients to make delicious food, to be consumed by human beings.

Today's special: Green peas with artichokes

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I have read numerous articles about dynamic languages and static typing, the most recent being Steve Yegge's Dynamic Languages Strike Back, where he argues that most of the time, there is enough type information in a program written in a dynamic language (he uses Javascript) to do all kinds of cool refactorings.

I'm building a small proof-of-concept to do something like that in Python, for Python. Here are my thoughts... UPDATE: Read about PySmell, a tool I wrote to provide static auto-completion for Python projects.

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I have been using git-svn succesfully for some time now, and I am generally pleased about the productivity improvements I get. I am documenting my workflow here, to serve as an example to anybody else that could be struggling with the admiteddly complicated git commands.

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I've created and released a small Vim plugin that will try to mimic TextMate's behaviour to insert the closing pair of quotes, brackets, parentheses, braces etc. Download simple pairs! (I've also created one for Emacs)

I used Vim's built-in python scripting support, and seeing that it wasn't documented very well, I present some useful patterns here.

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